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If you thought living in California was expensive...
...try dying in California!

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Estate Planning - Contact us about planning your living will. Anaheim, California.    

How would you feel if something happened to you and your loved ones were left fighting over your last wishes and/or 10 to 20 percent of your estate went to pay for taxes, probate costs, and attorney fees? Don't let this happen!   United Estate Planning, Inc.  is here to help you have the last "say" regarding what you have worked so hard for.

United Estate Planning, Inc. attorneys have been offering credit union, labor union and association members top quality estate planning at an affordable price for over 50 years. We help you plan for your  final wishes now, not when it's too late. Contact us, or come by our location to learn more about our estate-planning services, designed to meet the individual needs and wishes of each of our clients.

 Your Trust Will Include

60-Day Guarantee

Regarding Changes To Your Trust

Complimentary Lifetime Legal advice
Regarding YOUR TRUST

Living Trust and an additional certified copy (kept on file for your protection, in the event of loss)
Certified Summary of Trust
Medicaid Provision Clause
Last Will & Testament (Pour-Over Will)
Real Estate Property Transfer(s)
Declaration of Intent
Durable Power of Attorney - General (husband and wife)
Durable Power of Attorney - Healthcare (Living Will, husband & wife)
Life Insurance (policy Index)
Trustee Instructions
Glossary of Terms
Burial Instructions
Funeral Check List
Estate Inventory (ie: Schedule 'A")
Guardianship Clause

Backed by Attorneys:     With United Estate Planning, Inc. an experienced estate planning attorney will prepare your trust according to your specific wishes, then meet with you to explain how to "fund" your trust and answer any and all questions you may have. We then provide a complimentary 60-day guarantee regarding any changes you may wish to make to your trust. 

United Estate Planning, Inc. will show you how to avoid probate, save taxes, avoid conservatorship, keep control of your assets and much more!

Estate Planning - Contact us about our estate planning services. Anaheim, California.

Contact us  ....to learn about the benefits of a  "Living Trust"....at no obligation.

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